Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Working Here" published by Minnesota State University's Rooster Hill Press

The title poem and other poems in David Salner’s second poetry collection, Working Here, is based on his life as an iron ore miner during the 1980s depression in steel and mining. Salner says of this period of devastating layoffs: “The desolation of those times—and also the lonely beauty—still haunts me. Those memories have come back to me with the current economic crisis.”

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  1. David

    I first read your poem "On the Iron Range, Where I Tossed My First Book of Poems" on the Writer's Digest. It was one of the finest poems I have read in a long time. Alive, real and something I could identify with. Your writing is visual and thought provoking. I have ordered your book "Working Here" and will order your newest book soon. I apologize that I did not write you earlier on FB. In a world of vagueness in poetry, your poems are truly a breath of fresh air. I'm looking forward to reading more.
    Mike Barlew